Poland: The Ekstraklasa League Set For March 2018!

Official press release - The Ekstraklasa league - Poland

20 teams, 20 cities and one league in Poland – American Football Ekstraklasa.

Such project was officially presented by the leading American Football teams in our country. In March 2018 the new league games will commence in Poland, featuring 20 teams. This initiative came from the teams, in order to push forward the sports development and present an attractive “product”, which will attract more and more supporters to follow American Football in Poland. The project was initiated by five teams: Panthers Wrocław, Seahawks Gdynia, Lowlanders Białystok, Tychy Falcons and Warsaw Sharks. Together they created a vision, followed by a clear action plan that was presented to other teams. And their reaction? One, big YES!

Jakub Głogowski, General Manager of Panthers Wrocław (Polish Champion) said:
Since the beginning of working on this project we had one objective – to create a league, that would support the development of teams, and that will become an attractive product appealing to the fans and sponsors.

The Ekstraklasa league will consist of divisions, which will compete for promotions, dropouts and the play – off stage. Such arrangement aims at equalizing the sports level and optimalisation of the games schedule.

Maciej Cetnerowski, President of Seahawks Gdynia (Polish Vice – Champion) added:
Throughout many years, there were many teams in Poland that have disappeared, or have been forced to downgrade. We are certain, that such situations are to be avoided if the new league will be based on the factual needs and possibilities of the teams. Therefore the key decisions will be made by the League Council consisting of all teams’ representatives.

Besides the League Council there will also be a separate Board and management team, employing people with significant experience in American Football in Poland.

The goal is not only to improve the sport level, but also developing important skills.

Coaching clinics, managerial trainings, best practice network and exchange of experiences – those are just a few of the elements of the recently launched plan that leads to a significant change in American Football in Poland. The junior – level league and development league (for teams preparing to join Ekstraklasa) will also play. Best teams will participate in international games and tournaments.

Piotr Morko, the President of Lowlanders Białystok said: We have been waiting for this moment for a really long time, and we believe that together with all the teams we are going to create a new quality in our sport. The sport aspect, close cooperation with Referees Association or intense sponsor search .. that is a lot of work, and we are fully aware of this. However we created this project with the most experienced teams and individuals, so we are more than ready for the challenge.

The American Football Ekstraklasa games will start on the 24th/25th of March 2018, and the final game will take place in Wrocław’s Olimpic Stadium. The detailed schedule will be announced in December 2017.