France: Les Gones de Lyon Lose Everything Due To Fire

About a month ago - Les Gones de Lyon of France has lost almost everything. As cliche as it sounds, team truly did lose most of gear in the possession due to a fire. To put it in digits, around 45,000 euro worth of equipment.

On the night between Oct 22th and 23rd, firefighters were called by the park security, where team had 2 containers stored. These containers held team gear and uniforms, as well as the drink stand for game days. Out of the 2 containers - the one which had the gear stored was the one that was caught by the fire.

- We know it was NOT due to natural causes, as the locker in place was nowhere to be found. We are still waiting for the investigation to go forward. - says Kevin Greiss, Lyon communications manager - It is a devastating situation as we lost somewhere around 45,000 euro worth of equipment. We just moved up in the league, to D2, and we were hoping to start the off-season program, however, now it's a race to catch up.

Kevis also added that the American football community has been nothing but supportive - It's unbelievable how the community responded, and how far they could be, and could go. We have received help from various French clubs, as well as teams from Switzerland, Canada and The States. They offered us various equipment - from dummies, shields, yardage material etc.

The team has been holding up, they had to regroup, and now players are also coming in to help with club management.

Also, organization is still in need of equipment/funds donations - and anything can make a big  difference! If you can help, 5-10eur can mean a lot! Please go to the donations page - CLICK HERE.