Interview: The Winning Ways of Callahan

Photo: Thomas Haumer

Kyle Callahan has been one of the most consistent imports in Europe, who's currently a part of the SWARCO Raiders organization. Callahan played in 15 Bowls/Finals, and counting! He's been inducted in the Hall of Fame back in 2016, and, it took us long enough - but, we had to sit down with him for an interview.

European Career

My time playing in Europe has been nothing but a blessing. I’ve been involved in 2 German Bowls, 8 Austrian Bowls, 4 Euro Bowls, 2 CEFL Bowls, and 1 CEFL Super final. I’m not sure many imports can say the same.

I definitely needed help along the way and I was blessed to be surrounded by the best in the business (Shuan Fatah, Lee Rowland, Kent Anderson). I can not thank them enough for everything they have done for me personally and for my career.

I’ve made life friends, a life partner, and an amazing son. The experience for me in Europe has giving me so much.

Proudest and Toughest Moments

I have been fortunate to play for great teams ever since I was in youth football. Even this year the team we had was amazing winning 3 championships in one season. The work load those boys put on their back, absolutely amazing. However, the proudest moment was being able to be apart of that 2010 Berlin Adler team. We played 23 or 24 games that year. Being able to start from the bottom of the Eurobowl playoffs, and playing your way to a 52 something yard field goal to win the final, AMAZING! This was a group of players that had your back no matter the time. They made the game fun and made me play better. There was just something special about that group of guys.

There has been plenty of tough moments in my career in Europe and I guess that is only normal. It’s the tough moments that make you a more experienced player and coach. I believe football is one of very few sports where the game teaches you so much about life and you have to learn from them. So for me 2013 was the toughest moment in my playing career. We reached the Eurobowl final and Austrian Bowl final and lost to the same team. After that year my career took a turn. I started coaching and playing WR during the international games, which I believe was the reason for all of this to happen.

Photo: Markus Stieg

Pre-Game Rituals

My pre game ritual was a little weird and I guess traveled around a lot because people still come up to me and ask. I would throw up before every game. It started in college. I had to start as a freshman against Gardner-Webb, which for my school was a big program. I got super nervous and threw up and it just stuck.

Losing A Game

We all have lost plenty in sports and everyone has different ways of dealing with it. A wise ball coach said this to me one time and it makes sense. There always comes another game so you get 24 hours to feel sorry for yourself or whatever it is that you need to do. It is all about how you respond to the loss that make you a better person or team. Obviously, if it is your last game ever playing or coaching, then sorry I don’t have advice for that yet.

Photo: Hema Photography

Most Common Mistakes EU QB/WRs Make

I would have to say this goes for most European players. We all make mistakes that for sure, but the biggest thing you see are just the fundamental mistakes. There is just not enough time in European football.

What's Missing In Developing Home-Grown QBs?

The biggest issues that I see would be the fundamental mistakes and having the right person to coach them. QB is the hardest position to play in football and not everyone can play it at a high level.

Future Plans

The future is bright and I’m looking forward to the journey and challenges. I will continue coaching for the SWARCO Raiders Tirol. I also started up a wide receiver camp (HANDS camp). The camp will focus on proper route running technique, Body Control, and catching.

I’m prepared to partner up with any QB School/Academy. Huge shout out to Sean Shelton and the Sean Shelton QB Academy for the help and the push.

I will be hosting my first camp along side of the Sean Shelton QB Academy in Trento, Italy on January 12th-13th. You can find all the information on my Facebook page and Instagram page (qbcali1212).

Thank you so much Touchdown Europe for the time and honor.