CEFL: Fantastic Opening Day

Photo: Łukasza Skwiota

Saturday, 13 April was an incredible opening day in CEFL. Football fans have had a selection of seven live streams to choose from. Three games were played in CEFL Championship and four in CEFL Cup.


Kragujevac Wild Boars – Istanbul Koç Rams - 53:36

The Wild Boars and the visiting Rams have met for the third time in as many season, this time at the Čika Dača stadium in Kragujevac.

Rams have opened the game with the ball in their hands. A very aggressive Wild Boars’ defense pins the visitors to their own goal line and they punt.

Long range pass from Jacob Sisson to Stefan Borković on third down, and a Nick LaSane rush through the middle keep the Wild Boars’ drive going until their turnover on downs on Rams’ 30 yard line.

David Whipple lobs a pass to home team’s 10 yard line and Joshua Quezada runs in for the first points, 0-7.

Wild Boars take just two plays to equalize. Sisson hits both his targets for long yardage, second one being Pedro Medici who’s good for a 24 yard touchdown.

Next, Whipple launches the ball 49 yards deep left to Kris Wedderburn and the score is up to 7-14.

Number of plays per drive keeps decreasing as the Wild Boars open their next drive. Right off the block Sisson runs the length of the field piercing through the defense to level the score again, 14-14.

Pattern keeps repeating in the first play of Rams’ ensuing possession. Home team’s DT Nebojša Mirković takes no time to force a fumble, and get the ball to the end zone 21-14.

In their next offensive series, Rams take their time. It’s not until the third play when Wedderburn sprints it in for an equalizer, 21-21.

As they get the ball, Serbians manage to move in close and Sisson puts the ball in Medici’s hands in the end zone. After a gimmick play for the added 2 points, they lead by 29-21.

Whipple hurries to return the favor over a 29 yard pass to Quezada for a touchdown, and then rushes himself for a 2 point try, 29-29.

In the second half Rams try for a field goal from opponent’s 20 yard line, but the kick is blocked.

Wild Boars move the ball with short passes and Sisson tosses it for another score to Medici, 36-29.

Turkish team returns the ball deep into defended territory but can’t budge from there. Home team scores on the next play on a long Sisson pass over the middle to Borković for 43-29.

Rams answer with Whipple’s own pass over the middle to Wedderburn, 43-36.

Wild Boars up the score once more with a Sisson to Medici connection for the fourth time, 50-36.

Rams are backed against their end zone and can’t move. Their rivals take over and put the finishing touch with a field goal for the closing 53-36.

It was a scoring bonanza for both teams as their secondary couldn’t match each other’s offensive weapons.

Xenith trophy helmet was deserved by MVP of the game, Pedro Medici who caught 4 touchdowns and over 100 yards.

Swarco Raiders Tirol – Thonon Black Panthers 41:7

Raiders have played this game in near-by Wattens, at the Gernot Langes Stadium, where Thonon Black Panthers had a rough night.

They had the first possession. Quarterback Sean Shelton is under center and WR Adrian Platzgummer turns the first catch to big yardage. Shelton gets sacked twice on the drive and they go for the field goal but miss.

Black Panthers part with the ball soon after they get it and Raiders march it down the field in short strides. Teams test each other out playing between the red zones in the first period.

In the second, Shelton finally finds open Marco Schneider who takes it across the line for the first points in the game 7-0.

The visiting team is unproductive on offense again and punts. Patrick Donahue returns the ball deep into their territory and Shelton locates him in the end zone for another score, 14-0.

The French go offensive as WR Damien Di Cursi snatches the ball out of the air in traffic. They try to pry open opponent’s door going for short passes into the end zone. A crucial muff prevents them from entering and Raiders’ Maximilian Wild recovers.

Shelton and Donahue connect again to put another one on the board, 21-0.

Black Panthers’ offense sputters and the Austrians get the ball back at midfield. Screen passes to running back Tobias Bonatti set up Donahue’s third touchdown catch of the day, 27-0.

Visitors can’t move the chains very far in the second half either. Raiders have little trouble marching down the field and Tobias Bonatti rushes it through the middle for 34-0.

The French team gets close to the end zone but misses the FG on the fourth attempt.

Fabian Abfalter widens the scoring difference on a fade route catch from Shelton, 41-0.

Black Panthers QB Clark Evans runs for 70 yards on the longest play of the day by his team. Next, he connects with Di Cursi and they get their team on the board 41-7.

Raiders look as powerful as they did last season, starting the game slowly while getting a feel of the opponent. Once they do, they are relentless like an anaconda and the prey can’t escape their clutch.

Game MVP Sean Shelton is now the proud owner of the Xenith helmet with 5 touchdowns in the books.

Photo: Football.eu

Wrocław Panthers – Calanda Broncos 3:27

Rainy night on Olympic stadium in Wroclaw saw the home team Panthers greet the visitors from Switzarland, Calanda Broncos.

Broncos had the ball first but went nowhere and punted, and the Panthers mirrored them.

The visitors attack again, when QB Conner Manning sees Severin Murk open for big yards. He tries to shoot for the end zone from there but they turn over on downs.

Panthers QB Chris Forcier rushes for 30 yards but falls on his right shoulder and is reportedly done for the season. Bartosz Dziedzic takes over as snap-caller but can’t move the ball and his team puts up the first points with a field goal 3-0.

Broncos’ WR Andri Murk’s number gets called and he takes it all the way for 66 yards, 3-7.

Trying to answer, Dziedzic scrambles backwards and gives up ground so Panthers punt.

Running back Tino Muggwyler runs for 33 yards when the Broncos get the ball back. Manning and Murk connect again, this time for a touchdown 3-13.

Panthers seem determined to prove they can win without their import quarterback as Dziedzic lobs it deep to Wiktor Zięba for 26 yards and then stretches his legs to cross midfield. Still, he tries to do too much, gets strip-sacked and the ball is recovered by the Swiss.

Manning puts it in the air where only Lukas Lütscher can get it for another touchdown 3-20.

When they get it again, Broncos opt for the ground work, taking time off the clock. This sets up a long passing play and they get in front of the end zone. Manning sneaks in right before the intermission for the final score 3-27.

In the second half teams take turns but their offensive attempts are toothless. The Broncos don’t mind though as they get home with a big win.


Budapest Cowbells – Moscow Spartans

Spartans open the scoring session with a 70 yard pass from QB Pavel Voronenko to WR Aleksandr Iatsunenko who’s left uncovered, 0-7.

Cowbells take over and move the chains with short passes. QB Tamás Váry finds an open hole in visitors’ zone defense and hits Márton Mészáros for 40 yards, then pins Márton Czirók in the end zone for 6-7.

Russian team doesn’t advance far and Cowbells draw 25 yards close to their goal line but miss the field goal.

Spartans take over and Voronenko lobs a desperation pass from his end zone right in the hands of DB Zoltán Golita who advances to the 15 yard line.

One pass in and home team is just 3 yards away from a touchdown when Váry is sacked twice and his 4th down pass into the end zone is dropped. Teams trade punts in two series each.

Before the half time, Voronenko drops a rainbow pass to Aleksandr Iatsunenko right in front of the goal line and RB Denis Pronkin breaks through for 6-14.

In the third quarter Spartans continue where they left off, with Voronenko again dropping a 37 yard lob into RB Ivan Goloveshkin’s basket and Omari Grinyaev splitting the uprights for a field goal, 6-17.

Teams exchange interceptions, Golita grabs his second one for Cowbells and Gleb Averkov for the Spartans.

In the end, Goloveshkin breaks free for 65 yards to set the final score 6-24.

The final scores of all other CEFL Cup games this Saturday are:

Bolzano Giants – Budapest Wolves 36:19
Bucharest Rebels – Belgrade SBB Vukovi 14:28
Istanbul İTÜ Hornets – Moscow Patriots 40:19

Game recaps will follow.