Russia: Memory Bowl Tournament

Every team seeks success locally and internationally. It is great to be the top at home county but it is even more satisfying to play abroad and to beat different kind of teams. Moreover, playing internationally you can find a different way of game and different mentality.

These days there many different international flag-football tournaments but we want to tell you about a very special one. Memory Bowl is the CIS-largest flag-football tournament that this year will be held for the sixth time in Moscow, Russia.

Memory Bowl is an international flag-football tournament organized by the American football club Moscow Dragons. The event was made as the commemoration of Denis Moskotin, the former player of the Dragons team. The idea to create the tournament came from Denis’ coaches and was heartedly supported by Denis’s friends and team management.

The tournament first took place in 2014. 7 teams participated in the flag football competition (4 men, 3 women) in that year. Since then Memory Bowl has been growing steadily, now it is a large weekend event with many activities like local crossfit competitions. Last year 21 strongest teams from Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia (around 250 athletes) participated in the event. The finals were streamed online by a professional crew accompanied by the comments of a well-known TV person. This year the total number of 32 teams and 350 players are expected to take part in the competition.

Life in Russia is different from Western Europe and America. Visitors will be surprised of how many wonderful things they can find in the world-largest country. Russia is a very hospital and friendly country with many wonderful places, unique culture and great people.

Memory Bowl organization committee is be pleased to invite teams willing to participate. The tournament is officiated by skilled certified Russian judges. The catering (food, tea and water) is provided for each team along with the memorabilia and great memories. The level of organization is very high and can meet even the strictest expectations. Event managers will be happy to assist teams with visa applications and accommodation bookings.

The tournament will take place on 21-22 September in Moscow, Russia. All men, women or mixed teams willing to participate are welcome.

Details and entry form can be found on the Facebook page or by email: