CEFL: Let The Holiday Season Begin

Last season CEFL and Xenith began a successful partnership which will extend in 2020. Xenith is a USA brand which carries helmets, shoulder pads, apparel and accessories for American football. Agreement for the new season again includes naming rights for the Championship finals, which will be dubbed “Xenith CEFL Bowl XV”.

That’s not all because most valuable player of each Championship game will be awarded one of the most advanced helmets in the game – XenithShadow” playing helmet. The Xenith “Shadow” helmet is in the top-performing group of NFL / NFLPA laboratory testing and is rated 5 stars by the Virginia Tech testing. This will certainly be an extra incentive for all players to showcase their talent on the field.

Two other well-known brands will launch their collaboration with CEFL too.

Spalding will be the official ball of the Championship. Spalding brand is best-known in the basketball world as the provider of the official ball of the NBA. A lesser known fact is that the company also makes leather footballs of equal quality, as well as composite footballs in full, youth and junior sizes and autograph balls. Teams and national associations which opt for the Spalding brand of footballs can also have their logos printed on them.

New Balance will be the official brand of shoes in the Championship. New Balance is one of the most recognizable sports footwear and apparel manufacturers in the world. The company sponsors numerous athletes and teams across a variety of sports. CEFL is proud to be in that group of names that will carry a deal with the New Balance brand.

Championship member teams will benefit from these partnerships if the following way. Home teams will take advantage of having Xenith promotional stand at their Championship home game events. Likewise, all teams will get a set of Spalding leather footballs free of charge for practicing and playing the games of the Championship. Lastly, coaching staffs of all teams will be gifted with New Balance turf shoes.

CEFL and its partners wish you all a great holiday season!