Interview: Niclas Carlson, IFAF World Team Coach

Every year, America’s top high school football players take on the best high school-aged players from around the world. 

The 2011 U-19 National Team, featuring players committed to top NCAA FBS schools, face a World Select Team made up of the top players from outside the United States.

Niclas Carlson, condition and strength coach about the World Team.

World Team vs Team USA 
As we speak IFAF World Team are the better team. First game we almost did not loose in a close game 0-17. Second game we could had made it, got the ball, time left on the clock but lost 14-21 and third game World Team was the better team and out scored Team US and stopped the running game to minus four yard.

Best Junior Programs In Europe
In Europe, Sweden, France and Austria got great football program and established top 3 when Germany lost games for the first time in European championship 2011 in Seville. All three countries got talented and physical players that have a chance to make it in Texas 2013. Serbia will be among top five teams in Europe in a couple of years. Still Germany, Sweden, France and Austria will be top teams. Denmark doing good and Finland will progress and compete with the Serbian and Holland team to be in first group in a future.

Austrians nominated players for World Team shows high class or World class when it comes to physical status in the world. Sweden always got one or two good players nominated.

I can see England and Poland as next generation teams developing good programs for American football. Off course American football is progressing very fast, so in the near future we will have very good Junior teams all around Europe.

USA College Opportunities For EU Players
Playing in IFAF World Team is a good opportunity for young competitive players to play in US after the International Bowl Game. The goal standards to play the game is set high, as we want our players to be physical prepared to play the Texas game. There is a lot of former players doing good in good football programs in America in different levels and some day a World Team player will make it in NFL.

Memorable Moment from Texas, 2012.
It is always great when you feel that you can win a game and we felt it in half time. For me it is a long process as I follow all the nominated players in IFAF Webcoach database from August to the last week on World Team Camp. When the game starts my work with the team is almost over so I can watch and enjoy the game. A win against Team USA in tackle football for the first time since 1869 is one of my best experiences from sport ever.

Nikola Davidovic