Off-season in Poland: Leszno Hunters vs Zielona Gora Dragons [22:28]

Leszno Hunters is one of the youngest teams in Poland (Jan 2012.), however, the goals are big, where Hunters plan on joining the PLFA 3 (8on8 tackle) in 2013. On the other side of the ball - Dragons Zielona Gora - team that already played in PLFA 3, and are moving up towards PLFA 2.

First half - First points were scored by Dragons LB, Krystian Wojcik #21, who returned an interception which was thrown by Michal Wozniak. Halftime score was 0-14. 

Second half - Hunters decided to gamble on opening kick-off, however they failed to recover the kick. They have played a sloppy 3 quarters of the game with multiple turnovers, interceptions and fumbles, which got Dragons to extend their lead to 21-0.

However, Hunters did try to make a big comeback. DE Sebastian Bajon blocked a punt, sprinted 30 yds down the field and recovered the ball in the endzone to score first points for the home field team - the Hunters. 

The following onside kick was recovered by the home team, with a solid running game by Marcin "Killer" Szymkowiak, Lukas Bentke and Tobiasz Matuszczak who moved the ball down field. Hunters QB Wozniak finished the drive with a sneak. Another TD for Hunter was scored by Szymkowiak.

The Hunters were close in getting their W, but the Dragons held their ground, and the game ended with 22:28 in front of 500 fans. Dragons showed greater experience, using every mistake Hunters made. 

Game Highlights

Report: Wojciech Andrzejczak