Serbia: Belgrade Blue Dragons 1st To Sign Imports For 2013.!

Photo: Jean-François Nicollet
Belgrade Blue Dragons are ready to go! They are the first team in Serbia to wrap up their American part of the roster by signing 3 Imports - Jeremy Mraovic, Justin Bray and Corey Williams. Looks like we got really serious candidates for #TouchdownEuropeApproved (Scroll down for highlights).

    "Football in Serbia is clearly continuing to grow with each year. When I first got knowledge that there was football in Europe, I was very excited to hear that Serbia was one of the countries that played the sport competitively, having family from Serbia, and being of Serbian heritage. I have always wanted to return to my family’s home country, and to come there and play the sport I love is going to be a great experience. I was very excited to be contacted by the Blue Dragons, and knew right away that coming to Belgrade to play football was what I wanted to do. 

My expectations for the season are for the Blue Dragons to Win, have fun, and play great football, on any team it is essential to have great players, good coaches, but most importantly, a team that has men that trust each other and expect the best from one another to work hard and present a united front, I am excited for the team and the new upcoming season, I look forward to arriving in Belgrade in the New Year and meeting everyone." - says Jeremy Mraovic.

Jeremy Mraovic, QB

Justin Bray, WR

Corey Williams, WR/DB