Spain - National Cup: Osos Rivas vs Pioners De L'Hospitalet

Madrid, December 13th 2012.- Osos de Rivas are immersed on the final preparation of their tenth Spanish National Cup Championship Game which could be their 6th such championships, just one behind their rivals Pioners de L'Hospitalet. 

The Championship Game of the XVIII Spanish National Cup Championship will be played in Osos' home turf next Saturday December 15th. After barely beating the Valencia Firebats two weeks ago Coach Serrano's team is busy preparing for the game in freezing conditions and fighting a rush of injuries and illnesses as they want to present this championship as an early Christmass Gift to their fanbase. Once again the run game leaded by Kevin Gramage and Abel Jorna will be the key to move the chains against an experienced front seven. This two outstanding runners will run behind a tough ofensive line that features players like Daniel Rodriguez (on his 19th season) and Ignacio del Arenal. All of these players are regulars on the Spanish National Team. 

This will be the first Cup Championship game for Osos the Rivas since 2009 when they won their last title. Also this game will be a rematch of the 2012 LNFA Final, Spain's championship.

The game will be broadcasted by online radio and TV. More details at 

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