Germany: Dogan Reuter and Daniel Ambrosio To Join The Osnabruck Tigers

Dogan Reuter
GFL 2 team, Osnabrück Tigers are getting ready for the season 2013.! Also, there are new additions to the team -  Daniel Ambrosio of Wabash College Little Giants (DIII, North Coast Athletic Conference) and Dogan Reuter, who has been with the Dortmund Giants for 14 years. The two have been presented in November.

"We had very successful Tryouts" says GFL2 head coach and sporting director Tigers Jovica Stojceski: "Here, a lot of talented athletes have been presented, so we are optimistic about the Tiger II and the GFL2 season 2013. Now, we're looking forward to start training. We are very happy to have Dogan and Daniel for GFL2 with us."

Daniel Ambrosio will certainly not miss the start of training. As a former high school quarterback, he initially joined the football team at Wabash College (Indiana). As an athlete, he excelled in the javelin discipline. In 2012, he broke with his javelin team 62.08 meters over an existing record in 15 years of his university.

At Wabash College, Ambrosio studied English and German. The German language led him to Osnabrück. He started of as a spectator at the GFL2 debut of Osnabrück Tigers. He got a taste of the defense that he will support in the 2013 season as a lineman. 

"I am very excited to join the Tigers, and will try as best we can to contribute to their success," promises Ambrosio. The New Tiger can not wait until the season starts in May. His personal motto is preparation for the season , Preparation Meets Opportunity '. "We have many powerful players here. In what we do in the off season, we shall be able to measure our success. In the next season we will be very successful, because we will work hard and act as a team"

Dogan Reuter
Dogan Reuter started playing American football when he was only 10 years old. Initially he worked in flag football team of Dortmund active. 14 years he held the Ruhr valley team loyalty. He played in the youth league, Oberliga and Regionalliga Tackle Football for Dortmund Giants. Like Ambrosio, Reuter was a quarterback, but also a running back, wide receiver and defensive back. 

"For many years the Osnabrück Tigers have successfully played American football. They evolve from year to year and have a great reputation. Ultimately, I was attracted by the challenge of playing in the GFL2. I am really looking forward to contest the 2013 season as a Tiger!" - says Reuter.

"Dogan and Daniel are very promising newcomers" confirms Stojceski. "The two Footballers bring several years of experience within the sports and football and are very flexible. I'm sure they will blend in perfectly with the team and make an effective contribution. "

On Wednesday, the 9th January 2013, Osnabrück Tigers began team training. Training for both experienced players as well as football beginners are welcome. Training takes place on Wednesdays from 19.30h in the sports park Illoshöhe (Ernst-Sievers-Str. 117, 49078 Osnabrück) and Fridays from 20.00h in the gym Eversburg (Schulzentrum Eversburg, Green Way 115, 49090 Osnabrück). For more information on training are interesting will receive an e-mail to or call 0170-32 00 614.

Ursula Schrader