Brazil: Benjamin Jones Signs With The Corinthians Steamrollers

One of our Hall of Famers, or, as we like to call it - TDEU Approved athletes - Benjamin Jones, QB, has just signed with Corinthians Steamrollers, Brazil! Steamrollers have been the champions in the past 2 years, and Ben will be headed there to help them defend the title.
Benjamin has been a part of organizations in Finland, Poland, Croatia, Spain, and had an appearance at the Euro-American Challenge 2012.

- I have loved the last 4 years traveling, playing and coaching in Europe and they have been extremely valuable in developing me as a player as well as a human being, but words can not describe how honored I am to go help a organization like the Corinthians Steamrollers in Brazil! The bar has been set at a high level and I am looking forward to continuing the path to establishing a habit of lasting victory for the team and organization. Europe has provided me with some life changing experiences but I have to admit I am looking forward to the memories I am sure I will make with such a great club in such a beautiful country! - says Jones.