PLFA: Poland vs Sweden - Teaser

Photo: Przemyslaw Piotrowski
Polish National Team had their debut earlier this month which ended up by a loss from Sweden. However, we'd like to focus more on this amazing teaser! Way to go Poland! 

Poland - Sweden 14:27 (0:13, 8:0, 0:7, 6:7)

First Quarter
0:7 Johan Stahl 15-yard reception from Anders Hermodsson (PAT Johan Stahl)
0:13 Anders Hermodsson 1-yard run
Second Quarter
2:13 Safety, ball crossed end line of the Swedish end zone
8:13 Zbigniew Szrejber 22-yard reception from Bart Zemanek
Third Quarter
8:20 Anders Hermodsson 1-yard run (PAT Johan Stahl)
Fourth Quarter
8:27 Fredrik Isaksson 5-yard reception from Anders Hermodsson (PAT Johan Stahl)
14:27 Krzysztof Wydrowski 25-yard run

Attendance: 6800