Finland: Helsinki 69ers Are Ready For The Maple League

Photo: Felt Fotografi
Helsinki 69ers are getting down to business - with a lot of new names being added to the roster, we can freely say that motivation on winning this years championship is not lacking. 69ers signed an OC - Will Mattis, Charles McCrea RB, Donovan Williams DB/LB and Marquette Floyd DB/LB.

There are also couple European athletes who made the team - Daniel Stadler DE [Hungary], James Perrineau DT/OL [UK], Colin Keegan LB [Ireland], and, hopefully WR Ivan Pavlovic [Serbia], who is still working on his paperwork.

OC, Will Mattis didn't hide his excitement about the season which is right around the corner, and said: "We have had an extraordinary off season thus far, whether it is our Finnish guys or imports - everyone has been working extremely hard. Last season the 69ers had a great team, but this year we will be coming out with something to prove. When you have the top two teams in the whole country in the SAME city as you, it motivates you to work that much harder. Our goal is to win a Maple League title in 2013, and become Eurobowl qualified for 2014. With the great additions we have made to the organization this offseason, we feel like a much stronger team than we already were."

This years roster is impressive, where coach Mattis added: "I am BEYOND HAPPY with the signings this off season. We were able to address our needs over the off season, and upgraded with some big time athletes. The team was very talented last season, but now we have the ability to become something special. The combination of our team chemistry and our talent level is just unbelievable. I know everyone has been working extremely hard this off season, so I can't wait to see it all come together."

Last year Helsinki 69ers were in the 2nd level of the First Division, and as they managed to upgrade the team during the midseason, they won the Championship. Winning the 1st Division - 69ers moved up to the Top Division called the Maple League.

 - "The competition will be much better, but we will be fully prepared." says Mattis.

Charles McCrea, RB - Highlights

Donovan Williams, DB - Highlights

Marquette Floyd, DB - Highlights


Daniel Stadler, DE - Highlights

James Perrineau, DT - Highlights

Ivan Pavlovic, WR - Highlights