Netherlands: Enschede Broncos Season-Opening Win

1st game of the 2013 season in Netherlands was not the most perfect one - the very cold weather made sure that most of the football fields across the country were a no go. However, Enshcede didn't have any issues! Kick off was all set for 2pm. 

In the very first drive - Broncos defense managed to intercept a deep pass of the guest team - Almere Flevo Phantoms, and as soon as the Broncos offense got on the field - a touchdown was scored, however, followed by a failed 2 point conversion. 

As the game continued - Broncos offense didn't have trouble with the Phantoms defense, and two more touchdowns were scored, where the final score of the game was 18:0 for the home team.

Interesting to mention - Broncos rookie RB, Shar Bentura, had an amazing game with 150+ yards. Good job Shar!

In two weeks from now - the Enschede Broncos will be hosting the 2nd game as well - this time against the Eindhoven Raptors. In addition to that, what makes that day special is that the team will be celebrating its 10th anniversary!