France: Miroth & Templiers Win Season Opener [Highlights]

D'Elancourt Templiers hosted their 1st game of 2013, playing against the Amiens Spartiates, who were a more than a tough opponent. Templiers, led by Vinnie Miroth, won the game 21:14.

"It was a hard fought battle to the end, we had to go into an environment that is not a easy place to win. On the road against Amiens Spartiates. #10 ranked team in Europe, the reigning French NAtional Champs, and EuroBowl contenders. My hat goes off to our big guys up front, they did and excellent job with the protection, and moving bodies in the run game. And our defense played outstanding, coming up with goal line stand in the 4th quarter with under two minutes remaining in the game. Much like Baltimore in the Superbowl XLVII." says Templiers QB - Vinnie Miroth.

Game Highlights