Germany: The Osnabruck Tigers Tryout

Photo: Heinz Mora
Osnabruck Tigers have scheduled 2 tryouts on March 3rd. They are looking to fill the spots on the Junior team and Tigers II. Tryout will be held at the Tigers Hall.

Juniors - Tryout starts at 2pm, and everyone is welcome, even the 11 year olds! Kids will be classified according to their age in A and B youth groups. 

Seniors - Tigers II tryout starts at 5pm, and everyone who is 18 and above can come to the tryout. Tigers II is the B senior team, and it's designed to educate the rookies.

"The entrance to the 2013 season is still possible, beginners are welcome here," says Tigers director of sport Jovi Stojceski. . "With the tryouts ahead of us, we are offering the opportunity for guys to join our team and learn about football." 

Now, Tigers do have a task - finding linemen! Stojecski added: "The big boys who are 120 kilos and above are welcomed. A good football team is always so dependent on a caliber in the squad. Our sport has significant alternatives! "