QBs Break It Down - Meet The Hosts: Lance Kriesien

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Lance Kriesien has successfully played and coached football for over 4 years on 3 continents. In the years after a solid career at Northern Arizona University, Lance won a GCFA Championship and 3 GCFA/TUFL League MVP awards as a member of the Fort Bend Storm (Texas). 

After a few seasons, he journeyed to Brisbane, Australia as a QB/OC. Shortly after, he made his European debut with Vukovi Belgrade in Serbia; winning the SAAF Championship and both CEFL and SAAF MVP Awards. In the summer of 2012, he helped lead the Serbian National Team to a Group-C Championship as Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach.

I chose to take part in this opportunity for the same reason I am pursuing football outside of America: to play my role in the game’s progression worldwide.

There is a unique opportunity for my generation to help perpetuate growth of this sport outside of the U.S. I see my role as an ambassador of the game – representing its present and future both on and off the field. I’ll do anything I can to give back to the game that has afforded me so much; especially here in Europe. The gap between Americans and European players is closing every year, however, it still exists. Quality quarterbacking is essential to any team who has serious long-term goals of success in this sport. I hope I am able to help.

Plus, I was also forced by Mia.

QBs Role (Off-Field) 
Quarterbacks are unique and special. It takes a unique blend of physical and mental characteristics to be a successful one…and even then, a poor attitude can hold you back. I intend to break down some of the intangibles necessary for a person to be a contributing player, a leading teammate, and a smart efficient “field general”.

I, along with my colleagues, agree that games are won and lost in the week of preparation leading up to the event. With that being said, I will walk you through a few routines, expectations, habits, and skills that separate elite quarterbacks from the average Joes. My section will take you the player, or coach, from the end of one game right up to game-day morning.

Eventually I hope that we (import quarterbacks) are no longer needed. There is enough domestic talent here to compete at a high, efficient level. However, it needs to be cultivated. One common mistake I see domestic QBs making is a simple one: don’t be someone else.

You are not Peyton, Brady, Vick, or any of those guys. Neither am I – we are all FAR from it, so don’t try to be the guys you see on TV. It is ok to admire someone’s play, but a successful quarterback can find his own style of play, rhythm, and way to punish defenses. Young QBs need to model their game after themselves and not their idols. Find your weaknesses and make them your strengths – allow your strengths to determine your play.

I hope to see you all there!

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