QBs Break It Down - Meet The Hosts: Shane Jackson

Shane Jackson has been playing in Europe for 4 years. In his 4 years he has played in 1 national championship, in 2 relegation games and also coached in the 2009 European Championships where Denmark took the Silver Medal.

I am doing it because I have played football for 20 years. I have a lot of things to share and pass on to others.

On Field
I will be talking about the on field job and work of the QB during the practice week. Talking about things QBs should do every day (Most teams practice 2 times a week, so no matter the day (running game or passing game) the Qb can get solid fundamental work in. This is a very important part of preparation for game day.

QB's in EU
What I have encountered is a few things wrong with the EU Qbs. A lot of guys cant even throw a ball properly. When imports get to some of these kids they are already 18 years old and skipped many key steps. As Vinnie stated this is a unique position, with it comes praise, responsibility, and blame. Confidence to handle all 3 is something that is rare among European QBs.

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