QBs Break It Down - Meet The Hosts: Vinnie Miroth

Photo: Maffoto.pl
Vinnie Miroth spent the last 3 years playing and coaching football in Europe. In 2011, he won 2 championships and was the MVP, with the Vukovi Belgrade. In 2012., Vinnie lead the Wroclaw Devils to the playoffs, and this year he's in Paris with the Elancourt Templiers. It's interesting to mention that he runs a school for QBs in California.

- I'm doing this webinar because Mia made me do it! (laughs) On the serious note, I want to help out the guys, and anywhere I can help out in the game in general. This is a good step of building a foundation for where I want to be after my career. 

The biggest problem in Europe is that there are not a lot of European QBs, it's the #1 import position. There's not a lot of EU QBs that are respectfully leading their team and being successful. Obviously I can't do a lot while I'm playing, but after I'm done, helping the QBs will be my challenge. Hopefully there will be teams, organizations or we can grow TDEU big enough where we're be able to do face-to-face clinics and training with players.

Gameday is something that starts on Sunday. It starts when you finish the game prior. On Sunday night you're usually in the film room, trying to break down the film of the opponent for the following week, or, running some light conditioning so the muscles loosen up from the game before. As you gradually go into the week, you're preparing your strategy with the offensive coordinator.

When I was with Vukovi Belgrade, Reuben Droughns and I would start Sun/Mon sharp - breaking down the film, finding the opponent team weaknesses, implementing the plays. We would try the plays around Tuesday and Thursday, and on Fri we would put together the call sheet. Saturday is the walk through.

I'm a firm believer that you win games during the week while preparing for the game. 

Not everyone can be a QB, it's a unique position. It's almost like a gift from the God, where a good QB is insealed with leadership, and has ice water in their veins to stay calm in the most hostile environment, as well as to keep the other 10 players in the huddle calm. 

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