PLFA: Attendance of 5,500 In Warsaw

Photo: Przemyslaw Piotrowski
5500 attend American Football Day at the National Stadium in Warsaw

American football took over Warsaw yesterday, as 5500 participants ignored the bad weather to gather on the grass of the National Stadium between 4 and 8 PM and get a taste of what the sport is really all about.

The event began with a series of training exercises aimed at explaining the basic rules of the game. Afterwards, participants were invited to take on the role of football player themselves. The final part of the show pitted two of Warsaw's junior teams, the Eagles and the Spartans, against each other in an exhibition game.

The field of the National Stadium was split into three 'mini-fields', where guests were able to learn basic techniques of the game and test their skills under the watchful eyes of players and coaches from several PLFA teams. The dance group Hasao performed cheerleading routines for the fans, led them in rooting on the youngsters and even mirrored the players in teaching fans how to perform as well.

“It was a fantastic day for American football in Poland,” said Jędrzej Stęszewski, President of the Polish League of American Football (PLFA). “The morning frost on the field melted away with the heated enthusiasm of the participants. It seemed as though football fever infected many new male and female players.”

“I strongly hope that all of those who gave our sport a chance today will have a great time during SuperFinal VIII,” added PLFA Manager Patryk Tyryłło. “This most important game of the season will again by played at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The clash of the Topliga's two best teams will take place on Sunday, July 14.”

Players and coaches from 7 PLFA teams took part in American Football Day: the Warsaw Eagles (Topliga), Warsaw Spartans (Topliga), Białystok Lowlanders (PLFA I), Płock Mustangs (PLFA I), Warszawa Królewscy (PLFA II), Warsaw Werewolves (PLFA II) and Warszawa Crusaders (PLFA II). Representatives of Poland's first female team, the Warsaw Sirens, also participated.