Poland: How To Fumble In Front Of The Endzone?

Photo: Arek Sobierajski
What it seemed like just another gameday, managed to have quite a turnover. During the game Angels Torun vs Warsaw Crusaders, Rafal Kaleta did get into the endzone, but, without the football.

Game ended with a win by the Angels Torun - 50:6. But, let's focus on this priceless fumble.

Anyhow, this was a friendly game. Rafal did score later on in the third quarter with a 20 yard rush.

Angels Toruń- Crusaders Warsaw 50:6 (0:0, 22:0, 16:6, 12:0)
7:0 TD Tomasz Kuska 10-yard rush (Mroz PAT) 
14:0 TD Lukasz Kusmirek po 15-yard rush (Mroz PAT) 
22:0 TD Bartosz Mroz 20-yard pass from Kusmirek (Kusmirek 2-point conversion rush) 
30:0 TD Jakub Mazan 40-yard punt return (Kuska 2-point conversion rush) 
38:0 TD Rafal Kaleta 20-yard rush (Kuska 2-point conversion rush) 
38:6 TD Grzegorz Wojcik 40-yard rush 
44:6 TD Lukasz Kusmirek 3-yard rush 
50:6 TD Bartosz Mroz 10-yard rush

Angels Torun inauguration of the 2013 season will be held on May 4 in Bydgoszcz against Archers. First game in Torun May 26 against Szczecin Cougars it will be broadcast live on www.kpsport.tv. English section on Angels site www.torunangels.pl/en