Serbia: TDEU Visited Two 'Week 1' Games

TDEU went to check out two games - Belgrade Vukovi vs Mitrovica Legionaries, and, Belgrade Blue Dragons vs Pancevo Panthers. Despite the awful weather and rain - football afternoon was a success.

SBB Vukovi vs Legionaries 37:0 (16:0, 7:0, 14:0, 0:0)
Photo: JF Nicollet
Vukovi president, Goran Nišavić spent some time with us and told us that the game did go as expected as his team was a favorite in this duel, and continued: "We have a long way until the end of the season, but we made the proper first step. Our defense was dominating the game not allowing the opponent to move the ball. I'm also positively surprised by the Legionaries and their physical shape. They have a lot of new guys and it will take some time for them to get in sync."

Lance Kriesien, QB, continues: We, as a team, achieved all if our goals this weekend. We were able to earn a win, remain healthy, and get some good teaching tools on film. The Legionaries played bravely but it seems we outmatched them in most areas of the game. Our defense played "lights-out" as they gave up very few yards. If I am not mistaken, they created more turnovers than they allowed first downs! Offensively, we were able to execute our base offensive philosophies and earn valuable game experience for our younger players. We received great support from our fans and look forward to a huge game next week against our rivals.

Legionaries veteran - Zoran Lončarević, was not disappointed by the loss. - "My team left their heart on the
field, and we've played the game until the very last second of it without paying attention at the score. Our opponent was very tough - Vukovi are one of the toughest opponents with an amazing coaching team. This loss is not the real face of my team, Legion will show how much we're worth and what we're made of! We have a lot of new players who arrived from other teams and once we're one - our moment will come. I have faith in my team, and I know we'll get Sirmium's shine back!"

Blue Dragons vs Panthers 19:25 (7:13, 6:12, 6:0, 0:0 )
Photo: JF Nicollet
We felt bad for these two teams as they had to play in the worst rain. Even though it was pouring, both teams were fighting like it's a championship game.

Jeremy Mraovic, Blue Dragons QB, about the loss: "We played hard, but made some critical mistakes that cost us the game. Panthers played a good game and did everything they could to get the victory over us. We have to come back stronger and better prepared from this loss. It is only the first game of the season and I believe our best football will come with some time, and more practices. We have Novi Sad this weekend and we are moving on to that game now and preparing for it the best we can."

It's interesting to mention that Panthers are the only D1 team in Serbian league that doesn't have any imports. Panthers coaching staff already talked about their U19 program and how important juniors are HERE.