Baltimore: Recognition Of Blue Dragons Courageos Season

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
We love writing about imports who make an impact in Europe, and this just might top all of the stories from last year. 

In 2012, Greg Miletic, a TDEU approved import with a Serbian background, after a successful season in Germany, came to play football in.. you figure, Serbia. His love for football and the country was so big - that he played without a compensation, and he covered his own flight. Besides his impact on his team - Belgrade Blue Dragons, Greg was also a member of the National Teams coaching staff.

When he went back to The States, he spread his story, and, Baltimore council loved it. City of Baltimore recognized the work Greg did, as well as the efforts of his team in 2012, and sent a recognition letter for the 2012 season.

"Such a huge honor! A City with an NFL team has heard of us, and, on top of it all - surprised us all with a recognition. We would love to expand the relationship with the City of Baltimore. Greg was supposed to join us for the 2013 season as well, however, a business offer came in between. However - we are hoping we will be seeing him again soon. He's an amazing athlete, and an extraordinary human being, where he and his family put in a lot of effort to bring light to Serbia and Serbian American football" - says Zeljko Veselinovic, Blue Dragons president.