WWC 2013: The Spanish Women's National Team

In its short history, the Spanish National Team has already played two international friendly games. The first one took place in Terrassa in 2011, against Sweden. The second one was last year against Sparkles of France in Madrid, being the first win for this young team. 

The preparations for WWC 2013 started with an initial draft where 65 eligible players were picked, who will fight for a place in the final team during the three training camps planed in Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona. The final roster will have a four day camp just before the tournament to finish shaping the playbook and positions.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Roberto Torrrecillas (The current Head Coach of the Barberà Rookies Team)
2006-2007-2008 Offensive assistant coach in the Junior Spanish Team
2012 Spanish Cup Championship with Barberà Rookies as Head Coach
2013 League Championship with Barberà Rookies as Head Coach

Offensive coordinator: Juan Pedro Arnau
2010-2011 Offensive Coach – Las Rozas Black Demons
2011-2012 3rd place in the Spanish Cup as Head Coach for Las Rozas Black Demons
2012-2013 2nd place in the National League Championship & Spanish Cup as a Head Coach for Las Rozas Black Demons

Defensive coordinator: Sebas Serrano
1996/10 Linebacker coach & Defensive coordinator for the Madrid Osos
2002/03 Linebacker coach for the Darmstadt Diamonds Junior team
2010/11 Special Teams Coordinator & linebackers coach for the Spain Junior National Team
2010/11 Special Teams Coordinator & linebackers coach for the Spain Senior National Team
2011 Appointed Head Coach & Defensive coordinator for the Madrid Osos
2011/12 Defensive Coordinator/Linebacker Coach for the Spain Men National Team
2012/13 Linebacker Coach for the IFAF Development Team at IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)

The Team
One of the most notable players is the QB, Monica Rafecas. She’s 20 years old and has been playing football for the last 10 years with Barberà Rookies. This huge experience provides her some of the main clues to lead the team to its first international win in a World Championship.

Another of the most notable players is Ada Quintana, also from Barberà Rookies. Although her history in football is much shorter, her professional career has made her one of the strongest and better prepared players in this Spanish National Team. Her LB skills will sure stand out in this World Championship.

Raquel Diaz from Terrassa Reds will also stand out in our Spanish National Team. Even though she’s one of the youngest players, her experience as a LB will help the defense be tough and hard to beat, qualities that could also be used to describe her hard hits.

Last but not least, Madel Carmen Arroyo from Camioneros de Coslada was one of the most valuable players in the last international game in Madrid. Although she hasn’t been active this last season, she will sure lead this team with her intense running skills and tackles. 

WWC 2013
"Our major expectations are to go to this World Championship with our best possible team. Once we’re there, we are going to work hard to finish our games and show that even though it’s our first time participating in one of these important championships, we won’t be easy to beat.

In my opinion, USA is probably going to win this Championship for their second time in a row. I’ve seen a couple of videos from the last World Championship and I was surprised on how well prepared they were and the speed at which they played each down. They will surely work hard to defend their first deserved place.

Our major project off the field is to get the maximum support from all the Spanish players. At the same time, we’re also trying to reach out to the rest of our Spanish society to let everyone know that it’s not only a sport for men, but that the female team will have the great experience to participate in a World Championship for the first time in the Spanish Football history."  says Mª Azucena Muñoz, coordinator of the Spannish Women's National Team