Exclusive Interview: Nikko Of VH1's Love&Hip-Hop Atlanta

Word from TDEU: I saw Nikko recently on VH1's 2nd season of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, when he signed with a great friend of mine, celeb PR Kay Harris. Kay said Nikko has a football background - and we wanted to experiment.

Most of you are probably wondering why we did an interview with a celeb who comes from a bit of a different background than what we're all used to reading on TDEU, but, Nikko definitely proved that football is not that different from the music industry.

I actually played basketball more than football. However, I loved playing the game of football. Jets is my favorite team in the NFL. I like Rex Ryan and I do like Mark Sanchez, I do feel they are a fit for their positions. I was fortunate enough not to see the “butt fumble” (laughs). Next season is going to be a good season for the Jets, I can feel it.

Football vs Music
I have two new singles out, “NY to LA”, and “I'm ready girl”. One of the guests known to EU audience on the new project will be Rick Ross.

Football and music are not that different. Things I've learned in football are dedication and endurance. You have to have a mindset to go out there and hit hard. Suppress the pain. It's same like going into the studio and the fight when putting your music out there.

You will always have people who will like you as an artist or athlete, but there will always be people who will not respect what you're doing. When it clicks in your mind – this is what I want to put out, this is how I want to perform – on the field or on the stage, that's going to make people see me different than the rest – keep hitting it until you win.

It's amazing how hard you have to work, and how dedicated you have to be as an athlete, not just in football, but in every sport. Football is different though, it's a different mindset, you hit, you get hit, you can get hurt or even worse. Still, 45 men are in it to win it. Battle on the field is not just a fight against a team, but a battle with yourself, how well you will do and how will it impact the rest of the game.

Persistence overcomes the resistance. Never give up!

The Reality Show – Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta
I used to date Mimi way back. Before the 2nd season of the reality, I saw Mimi at the VMA's and we reconnected. I was invited to be in the reality show. I accepted, but although I wasn't shown in the good light, I don't regret my decision.

It started of one way – I thought I will be getting my music exposed, but it didn't work out like that, they had a different agenda for me. I didn't know about it, but, it's entertainment. I did make me feel like I was cheated. They got the scenes they wanted to get, and edited the way they wanted to edit.

Mimi did act like we never did anything intimate, however it's a different story on that again. Off camera it's something else. Hour long conversations would be edited to look like they were couple seconds. I was trying to help her with her business, but they made it look I was trying to be a part of her business. We're still cool though.

Now, it's a shot at me. I have to clean up the mess. People make judgments on what they see on TV. I'm getting my story out now via media – TV, radio, press.. It was no different than Russel Crow in the Gladiator, thrown out there, and now have to defend. That's the most important thing to me right now – telling it how it is, and moving forward. Of course haters will bash you, but I can't control that. I got to say what I have to say, and keep moving.

Stevie J
Me and Stevie J are a whole another story. Mimi is still caught up on him, but, I don't judge, since he's her baby daddy. She didn't really support me on the show as she should. Stevie J... He felt I was a threat to him. At the end of the day, I'm with his baby mama. I know it hurt him.

In one of the episodes I gave Mimi a Rolex. Watch was real, not like Stevie J kept saying it wasn't. On the show, you can see she didn't really appreciate the gift. Honestly, I don't know what girl in this world that would get a Rolex, Presidential, wouldn't appreciate the gift. Stevie on the other hand, never gave her anything. Stevie came in to my video screening, giving her the keys of a BMW. Whole scene was set up to make me look like the bad guy, since, first of all – that car was a rental, it was taken back two days after. Secondly, security was there behind me, to grab me, no one had security next to him. Whole scene was a set up, the joke was on me.

Stevie J was completely broke just 8 months ago. He didn't have a car, he'd wear Joseline Hernandez ex boyfriends clothes in the first season, and so on. This, 2nd season, they're trying to make him look like the good guy. Again, like I've said, it's entertainment.

Mia Bajin