Poland: Seahawks Gdynia B Vs Angels Toruń

Photo: Arek Sobierajski 
Saturday's meeting in Gdynia at the National Stadium Rugby was played in a hot atmosphere and brought a lot of excitement.

The first quarter was spent on "steals". The first one scored Mateusz Kaczmarek. After four failed downs the ball went back to the Seahawks. They managed to get few first downs, but then once again quarterback Aleksander Kordyś passed into the hands of Angels defensive player- Patryk Dębowski. But ball was not for a long time in the hands of Toruń. This time interception was made by Spanish Seahawks player- Antonio Urrutia Cascales. So many interceptions resulted that both teams decided first of all on running plays. In this part of the game we also had Bartosz Mróz 53-yard field goal unsuccessful attempt to beat PLFA record (Brett Pedicord: 52-yard field goal on June 3, 2012 Warsaw Eagles v. Devils Wrocław).

In the second quarter first game points was scored by Seahawks- touchdown M. Król and two point conversion by M. Meller. Third part three rush touchdowns, last on score 16:13 amazing reverse 40-yard play by Jakub Mazan. In crucial moment Angels decided for kick field, and it was completed Bartosz Mróz with 32-yards kick for tie and overtime. In 4 down of Seahawks overtime play ball was interception once again by Patryk Dębowski and he goes 80-yards interception return touchdown winner.

Next game Angels Torun play on Saturday, July 6 in the local derby against Bydgoszcz Raiders, kick-off 3PM.

Seahawks Gdynia B - Angels Toruń 16:22 (0:0, 8:0, 8:13, 0:3, 0:6)
8:0 TD Bartosz Król 8-yaard rush (two-point conversion Mikołaj Meller)
8:7 TD Łukasz Kuśmirek 3-yard rush (extra point Bartosz Mróz)
16:7 TD Bartosz Król 11-yard rush (two-point conversion Aleksander Kordyś)
16:13 TD Jakub Mazan 40-yard reverse
16:16 field goal 32-yard Bartosz Mróz
16:22 TD Patryk Dębowski 80-yard interception return

MVP: Patryk Dębowski (Angels Toruń linebacker)



Last play: 80-yard interception - return touchdown  

Extra points and field goals

Dawid Witnik