Interview: Jakub Glogowski, Panthers Wroclaw VP

Photo: Dave Shu Photography 
We already wrote about the merge between Giants and Devils, where the new team Panthers Wroclaw will change football in Poland. Now, Kuba Glogowski, Wroclaw Panthers vice president talks about everything Panthers.

Why Merging?
We came to a point where another Polish Championship just isn't enough. Poland deserves an European caliber team and we felt that merging the teams is the only way we can actually make it happen. Now in such a big organization, with two big sponsors - Tarczynski and Mitutoyo we can finally develop a real time program on many levels, from which the most important is working with the youth and marketing our sport.

Impact On Football In Poland
I hope all the clubs will understand that the number of teams doesn't mean growth. After the first level in which team where growing like trees now it's time to work together, that's the only way we can build better programs. Wroclaw was first in many things involving football, and we hope to lead by example in how can You cooperate and work together for a greater good. Second point is the one I already pulled up in the previous question. Polish football must go international, that's the only way polish sport fans will start to appreciate it more and more.

Well Kept Secret
Photo: Dave Shu Photography
To be honest i don't know how we managed to keep everything a secret, and I'm surprised. It was the third time we tried so we had a lot of experience in what can You do for the idea not to work out. So learned our lessons, hid ourselves underground and came out with a bang. Everybody involved knew that the part about keeping this a secret was crucial. Each move, each interview was a part of the process. It worked!

Panthers Offseason
We definitely have a lot to do, a lot of paperwork, sponsor agreements, working on new partners and getting the players the feeling that they are a part of a professional organization. At the same time the players must spend their time together and build bonds. After all they need to become a family after many years of rivalry, actually now it's a completely different rivalry. I think this will be the first time in Poland, that everybody has to actually fight for a spot on the roster.

The VP
My story started in 2006, right after football popped up in Poland. I was playing for The Crew since their first season. Marcin Wyszkowski was the president then, and I've always wanted to do more, from being the press spokesman, to board member up to the president of the Giants. In 2013 I made the decision that things are just too serious to still run around in a helmet. I found a place for myself in the off field area and I must say I love it. It's great that we have a gang that's been together for years. We definitely wouldn't be on the top in 2013 if it wasn't for the help of Marcin and Michal Latos. The gang is still here, but with new strong additions coming in from the Devils Wroclaw side. We hope that sky is the limit.

We can't show all of our cards in the same moment, right? But seriously our first move was to get Mott Gaymon to be our head coach. We knew there couldn't be any other pick. He is the one responsible for finding the set of coaches and players that will fit this puzzle and we know he will do the best job possible!

Mia Bajin