Breaking News: Brazilian Professional League - LFA - Cancelled!

Not too long ago we wrote about the LFA - better known as the professional Brazilian league. Whole idea and implementing the plan was flawless, until now.

The main sponsor decided to back out. Sponsor already invested a good sum of the agreed amount, however, no one knows what happened.

Right now, there will be no LFA, not this year at least.

We asked Tony Simmons, who's been in Brazil in the last couple months helping set up the league, teams, camps and so on, about the current issues.

- Unfortunately, LFA had to be cancelled, but, the idea of professional football in Brazil is still a great idea, but, it has to be done in a different way. I believe someone or the original LFA will come back stronger, and know what to do better this time. Feeling is disappointing, and, right now, I'm focusing on football clinics and looking for playing/coaching job in Europe, like every year.