EFAF: The Big 6 [EFL Elite]

Just moments ago, EFAF president Robert Huber posted more details on The Big 6. For now, we're bringing the press release that has been released via Facebook.

BIG6 European Football League starts in 2014.

2014 marks a new era for American Football in Europe. The six strongest club teams of the old continent have formed a league to play the highest class Pan-European Football competition possible. The unprecedented level of competition in the BIG6 European Football League will allow the most experienced and successful club teams to single out their new champion.

The BIG6 European Football League combines the six most prominent clubs in Europe: the four EFL semi-finalists of recent years and the two German Bowl finalists of 2013.

• Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna,
• Swarco Raiders Tirol,
• Calanda Broncos,
• Berlin Adler,
• New Yorker Lions,
• Dresden Monarchs

Since 2009 none of these teams has lost a game in European competitions, except in direct
duels with each other. The last eleven Eurobowls since 2003 have been won by teams now belonging to the Big 6 Europe, no other team even made it to the EFL final games in the last six seasons.

Selection of Participants

In contrast to other competitions that try to include as many teams from different countries as possible the BIG6 European Football League is designed as an invitational tournament. No game should have a clear underdog. Every game should electrify fans and athletes and form a highlight in the game calendar of the BIG6 teams.

The founders of the new competition, which includes aside from the six participating teams also their governing federations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have chosen the teams participating for 2014. As soon as other teams are competitive on this level it is planned to increase the number of participants.
The regular EFL with a championship game called EFL-Bowl will coexist under the governance of EFAF.

Increased Organisational Cooperation

Aside from the challenges on the field the teams and federations participating want to cooperate in marketing efforts in order to make football more visible all over Europe. The BIG6 European Football League should become the spearhead of European Football helping to attract wider public attention.

But not only on the sportive side these six clubs are dominating European American football: As in case of the Raiffeisen Vikings, Swarco Raiders or New York Lions the Club's names already show long-term corporate partnerships. All teams have proven management skills, draw the largest attendance figures in Europe and are in the focus of national and international media. The Big6 Europe aim to bundle their past and upcoming achievements and management power to promote the sports of American Football throughout Europe.

BIG6 European Football League

The league will be played in a yearly format. It is split into two groups. The winners of the two groups will extend the long tradition of European Championship games by playing in Eurobowl XXVIII.

For 2014 the following games are set:

Group A
• May 17./18.th - New Yorker Lions vs. Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna - in Brunswick
German Champion vs. Austrian Champion
• May 3rd - Dresden Monarchs vs. New Yorker Lions - in Dresden
Rematch for Germanbowl 2013
• June 15th - Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna vs. Dresden Monarchs - in Vienna
The reigning Eurobowl Champion versus the newcomer

Group B
• 13. April - Calanda Broncos vs. Swarco Raiders Tirol - in Graubünden
Rematch for Eurobowl Semifinals 2013
• 17. May - Berlin Adler vs. Calanda Broncos - in Berlin
“Hauptstadt”- football versus Suisse Champion
• 14. June - Swarco Raiders Tirol vs. Berlin Adler - in Innsbruck
Rematch for Eurobowl XXV

The championship game “Eurobowl XXVIII” between the winners of both groups will take place on the weekend July 19./20th."