Serbia: TDEU At Indians Vs Warriors [Juniors]

Most would say that U19 football can get rather boring. However, the game we visited was everything but boring. 

We already wrote about the Angel Warriors juniors. This team of all total cca 15 kids managed to make a big statement - it's not just how you play, it's about how bad you want the W. Major respect for them. Now, Indians, their story is not any less interesting. Since the Novi Sad Dukes are not participating in the juniors league, 20 cubs moved to another team - the Indians. Even we went to this game having in mind that it just might be an easy win for the Indians. But, Warriors aren't called the Warriors for no reason.

In the first half, Warriors did a decent job of stopping the Indians. 1st TD was scored by the Indians, however, Warriors responded with 3. Three! As we were right behind the Indians sideline, we could notice that the atmosphere wasn't the best. After couple small argues, and one cub trying to enter and leave the field at the same time - which everyone watching the game found quite amusing, it was rather noticeable that the Indians cubs were starting to lose their momentum. But, that's what football is all about, and we knew they will make a comeback.

Halftime: 16:18 (Indians:Warriors)

3rd quarter was a battle of the D, and no points were scored. We were still shocked how the Warriors are still holding up. Especially when there were only 3 cubs on the sideline during the game. 

BUT, there he was. The Indians #11, Goran Zec, came out of nowhere and threw quite a show! We were trying to think of the things he might have said in the huddle that could actually make sense, and one of  them was "Keep calm, I got this". And he did have it. Took control of the game, got his team to execute on the field and scored 2 TDs in the 4th quarter that sealed the deal. 

Now, we'd like to wish a fast recovery to the Warrior that got badly injured during the 1st half. We hope that he'll be as good as new in no time. 

One thing is for sure, the way how juniors play and treat their teammates - IS something different. We could almost say it's 'pure'. How they can 'fall down', but how fast they can snap out of it. They listen and execute. They do not question their coaches decisions nor at any point would argue with the coaching staff, at least we haven't noticed it at the game.  

Inđija Indians – Čačak Angel Warriors 30:18 (0:0, 16:18, 0:0, 14:0)
8:0 Milan Jeftić 1yd run, Goran Zec successful for 2
8:6 Miloš Glavonjić 30yd pas to Stefan Mitrović, 2pt conversion unsuccessful 
8:12 Stevan Kovačević 13 yd run, 2pt conversion unsuccessful 
8:18 Glavonjić 95yd pas to Mitrović,  good for 1
16:18 Jeftić 29yd pas to Zec, Teodor Katić 2pt conversion successful 
24:18 Zec 52yd run, Katić 2pt conversion successful 
30:18 Zec 28yd run, 2pt conversion unsuccessful 

Championship is scheduled for next week, where Indians and Wild Boars will be fighting for the title.

Mia Bajin