Breaking News: Chaos In Poland

After Polish teams merging to go forward with the development of the league, things got a bit rocky. Silesia Rebels just left, and now, Topliga is left with 5 teams in it.

Majority of the Topliga teams are not too excited to have a season consisted of 5 teams, so right now there are negotiations for some PLFA1 teams to join the Topliga, or, another scenario would be to have Topliga and PLFA1 merging. Hopefully this works out, since Poland was on such a great way of putting American football on the map.

In addition to this, there are two rumors going around based on the import rule, in order to change the rule to:

  1. 2 imports + 2 dual passport players
  2. 1 import + 2 dual passport players

We hope drama ends soon, since most teams have signed their American coaches and imports, and, for this whole issue to be solved as smoothly as it can be.