Italy: Aquile Ferrara Set To Play Vs. Austrian U19 National Team

For the first time in its 35 year history, the Aquile Ferrara will travel outside of Italy as the team will play against the Austrian Junior National Team in Vienna on March 9, 2014. 

This is part of Coach Val Gunn's philosophy to grow the organization, compete internationally, and build for long-term success. 

"Having the opportunity to travel to Vienna, to practice and play against the Austrians is important for us for a number of reasons. First, we're doing something that has never done before with the Aquile - that is playing outside of Italy. We also get the opportunity to meet with the coaching staff of the national team to see how they approach a preseason game. Our players get the chance to compete against a very strong squad and take away a very positive experience. 

Getting the chance to be at the Raiffeisen Vikings training complex gives our board members a visual impression of what an elite organization looks like and then they can use that first-hand knowledge for upgrading our own playing complex. It will be a great trip for the team and I am grateful for the relationship I have with many of the coaches in Austria who made this event possible." says coach Gunn.

In addition to that, there are more exciting news from the Aquile Ferrara Camp. They just signed Chris Treister, quarterback from the University of Maine, for the 2014 season. Chris played in 24 games during his four-year career for the Black Bears and will bring his talent, poise, and experience to Ferrara as the Aquile move up to the IFL, the top league in Italy.

Coach Gunn is excited about the signing: "He's a tough player and a good fit for what we do with our offense. He brings a wealth of knowledge and on-field experience.His leadership skills will help our senior team and in developing the young, talented Italian quarterbacks on our roster."