2014 Signings: European Athlete Transfers [II]

2014 is definitely the year where European players got their chance to shine and become imports. We're bringing you stories of some of these remarkable athletes!

Daniel Stadler - DE - Carlstad Crusaders, Sweden

Former teams: Budapest Wolves - Hungary, Helsinki 69ers - Finland

In 2013., I played in Finland for the Helsinki 69ers in the Maple league. The team was very nice with a lot of helpful and good people and Helsinki was crazy and beautiful at the same time during the summer.

I signed my contract for 2014. I will play for the Carlstad Crusader in Sweden. They are a young and very motivated team and I'm looking forward to be a part of their organization and get as many Wins as we can!

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Photo: Mirka Łukaszek

Babatunde Aiyegbusi - OL - Dresden Monarchs, Germany

Former teams: The Crew Wroclaw, Wroclaw Giants - Poland

In 2013, I played with the Wroclaw Giants where we won the National Championship - where I was named the Best OL Of The Year. I am also the member of the Polish National Team, and played in the Euro-American Challenge in 2012 in Warsaw.

Reason why I'm 'becoming an import' is because I want to get more knowledge about the game. I want to learn how to be the best OL in Europe. I will bring this knowledge back to Poland and use it to teach others. 

I'm going to play in Dresden and willing to use this opportunity, playing in Big6 will be a great experience. Being a part of one of The Best Teams in European Football is a great feeling and huge motivation. Hope I will not let anyone down and will represent my country best way I can.

Photo: Tigers ar FineShotz

Branko Mutic - OL - Osnabruck Tigers, Germany

Former team: Belgrade Vukovi - Serbia

This is my second consecutive season with the Osnabruck Tigers.

Besides the desire to experience football outside of Serbia, one of the goals is also to work and study. I have a great opportunity in Osnabruck, that is why I decided to return for the upcoming season. 

Team is not as big as the one in Belgrade, but is well organised, has potential, and real family atmosphere.

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