In The Trenches: Off-season Means Change

We all know that the off-season is for getting bigger, faster, stronger and BETTER. 

Whether we like it or not, there are gonna be a lot of changes, that we can do nothing about. Old players and coaches leaving, new players and coaches arriving. New playbooks, new systems.

Playing for a youth team emphasizes it even more. The oldest guys are moving up to play Senior, and that often means a lot of starters. And if you're one of those guys, you're suddenly playing for a whole other team! And if not, you're probably somewhat responsible for helping the new guys settle in.

This offseason we lost our OC (and my positional coach) to Copenhagen Towers U19, whom we lost to in the Junior Bowl. And we're probably gonna meet them more than twice in 2014. That means that our biggest rival knows everything we did last year. It also means a lot of changes in the coaching staff.

You might try out for a team and make it. You might try out for a team, and get cut. I've tried out for the Junior National Team four times. First time I got cut right off the bat. Not even training camp. The next two times I made it to training camp, but was cut before the final roster (once they cut me for a guy who didn't even attend training camp!). Fourth try, third camp, I finally made it as a backup and played three games at EJC 2013.

Now I'm too old for the Junior National Team, so guess what? It's time for the A-Team! Instead of the best young players in Denmark, I'm going up against the best players in Denmark overall. That's gonna be a huge challenge for me, but challenges are what you grow from! I'm shooting for the stars! I wanna play at the European Chamionship in June. Even if I fail, I wanna be able to say that I gave it everything I've got.

This offseason has been nothing short of crazy for me, and it isn't even over yet!

Daniel 'GG Watt' Gammelgaard