2014 Signings: TDEU Approved Coaches & Athletes [VII]

Where did some of the biggest threats on and off the field sign this year? We're catching up with some of our favorite coaches and athletes.

Photo: Marcin Warpechowski

Deante Battle - DB - Wroclaw Panthers

For me, these guys in Poland are like my family. I have had the opportunity to play with them for the last few years.

Also, this off season I even stayed in Wroclaw and worked out with the guys. 

I feel like we have a great opportunity with two of the top teams in the league joining together to become one.

Marko Glavic - QB - Retired

I have retired.

Wanted to go out on top as a Eurobowl champion and get a real job.

Vinnie Miroth - QB - Undecided

I am still undecided whether I will play overseas this year.

I'm currently working as a manager for Tech Start-up company in California.