TDEU Heroes: Milijana Kolibar, President

TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message, and tell us about your nominee!

After we decided to pursue the idea of featuring great individuals who help football off the field, it really was a no-brainer who will be the 1st TDEU Hero. If you think of someone who will put teams needs above theirs, who will be there at any given moment - Milijana Kolibar is that person.

Milijana is the president of the 1st AFC in Serbia - Sirmium Legionaries. Just like any other president - her job is to lead the team, take care of paperwork, organize games, etc. However, her loving spirit brought family atmosphere to the team, and she instantly became a mother of 45+ men.

Team says that whenever they need her - she's there. She knows what's going on in their lives, she helps them go through difficult times, and even with all that - keeps a smile on her face. Since her son is one of the Legionaries, it's not unusual for the team to show up at her house in the middle of the night after clubbing. Most parents and especially team presidents wouldn't tolerate that, but, Milijana would wake up, prepare food and never complained about this, we assume, occasional tradition.

Imports are nothing but appreciative as well, where Brian Casey said that as soon as there's work to be done, she's on it - "It reminds me of the time I spent with the Allgau Comets in the GFL2", says Brian.

Emotions sometimes take over - as she'd be in tears when a player gets injured, or, if they're losing a game. 

Team recognizes her efforts and love she gives unconditionally - and they do their best to give back, especially during the holidays when they'd show their appreciation with presents.

"I talk to Milijana a lot. She understands, and she's a great shoulder to lean on. Just recently she helped me overcome some personal issues. She will always give great advice that will help me be a better person each day. This is my last season, I've been with the team from day 1 for 12 years now, and I'd love to use this opportunity to thank her for everything. Milijana, thank you for everything you've done and are doing for the team, thank you for all of your support, and I want you to know I cherish our friendship. You are an extraordinary person and Legionaries will fight for you!" says Zoran Loncarevic, Sirmium veteran.