Serbia: Black Knight Of The Royal Crowns

This year's reinforcement in the Royal Crowns team is a runningback by the name of John Holloway, an American from Columbus, GA. 

Age of 24, Holloway has been playing football since the age of 6 , since the pee wee leagues through college where he played quarterback and runningback, as well as DB, and LB. He played his college ball at Belhaven and Union College where he played LB and DB, but by the decision of the coach and himself he was soon transferred to the runningback position. 

John points out that his role model was his middle school coach , Murray, who helped him in becoming a better all around player and person. His motivation to succeed in the sport is his family: mother, father, sister and grandmother, primarily because he wants to show what he is capable of doing in the sport that he loves.

His plans and expectations for the 2014 season Holloway said: "Of course I want to play at a higher level, I'm always willing to accept new challenges and playing in Serbia on the Royal Crowns team is just the opportunity to do so. My expectations for the upcoming season are very simple, I expect a winning season, I see the Crowns have a lot of talent and I believe that together we will be able to bring a championship home to the city of Kraljevo".

This young American graduated from Union College with a degree in business administration, but he certainly wants to show that he has a lot more that can be provided on the field between the Hash Marks. The Royal Crowns want to welcome John into their ranks!