2014 Signings: TDEU Approved Coaches & Athletes [IV]

Where did some of the biggest threats on and off the field sign this year? We're catching up with some of our favorite coaches and athletes.

Photo: all-in.de/bilder

Shane Jackson - QB - Allgau Comets, Germany

I have re-signed with the Allgau Comets for the 2014.

I am signing and returning for the 3rd time to play at 1 of the top divisions in Europe. That simple.

James Anderson - TE - /

I'm not playing in Europe this year for 2 main reasons - I'm now the Head Coach of the University of Bristol Barracuda here in the UK- our season runs in to April so I would be late getting to some teams and I also should do some work over the off-season! But mainly because I'm getting married on June 21st this year.

I'm not officially 'retired', but I now have a great job here in the UK and will be married by the time the next season comes around. Never say never though!

Photo: Mikko Rahikainen

Janna-Jemina Seiles - WR - Helsinki Roosters, Finland

I do continue playing, no retiring!

Signing for the next season with Helsinki Roosters is in progress. 

I think that Roosters is the best place for me to develop myself as a player and athlete.