Poland: Gdynia vs Wroclaw - 6 TDEU Hall of Famers In 1 Game

One of the most exciting games in Europe will definitely be the one that's scheduled for this Sunday - Gdynia Seahawks vs Panthers Wroclaw. Both teams are consisted of couple teams merged together, and, to make things more interesting - both teams have 3 TDEU Approved athletes per squad. 

Last season, Gdynia reached the playoffs, but Wroclaw took the W in the duel, and eventually won the Championship.

"In every first game of the season, you are looking for solid execution from your team in all the elements you worked on for so long. You want to have a good starting point, for playing your best football towards the end of the season.", says Gdynia HC, Maciej Cetnerowski, who is also the head coach of the Polish national team, and continues: "The atmosphere is good, players are eager to get on the field again in games that matter. Of course their is some added spice to the mix as we are playing a top team.". 

Cetnerowski signed QB Lance Kriesien, RB/DB Charles McCrea, and dual passport RB/DB Tunde Ogun - and all are TDEU Approved. (Click on their names to see more)

Wroclaw camp is also excited about this game. "We have been preparing for this game every since the schedule has been posted. We know their personnel and they know ours as well. Both teams have some strong attributes and it will come down to who wants it more." - says Demetrius Eaton, Panters LB.

Wroclaw HC, Mott Gaymon, re-signed imports from last year - where Demetrius Eaton LB, Deante Battle DB and Mark Philmore WR (now coach) are TDEU Approved. (Click on their names to see more) 

Game is scheduled for Sunday, April 6, at 4pm, and will be broadcasted online at Gdynia Seahawks youtube channel. Or, you can just come back to TDEU where we will post the screen on our homepage.

TDEU will not be attending this game as scheduled, however we will be reporting from GAT Novi Sad Dukes vs Pancevo Panthers - where Dukes signed one TDEU Approved athlete - Orlando Webb, who will be going against former Vukovi and Serbian national team HC Sean Embree's nephew - Louis Corum.