Serbia: TDEU At Novi Sad Dukes Vs Pancevo Panthers

Photo: Ivo Puljizevic
Something that we all thought would be a very close game, where mistakes would decide who will take the W, turned into a rather easy win for the Dukes. A 9 TD win that is.

"We started slow offensively, but we got it going. Demetrius Sumler ran the ball well and made plays. Rastko Jokic played well, but we have to get in the same page at times as receivers. The offensive line and defensive line played lights out... Hats off to those big guys. 

Terry Washington played well in defense and the other team was afraid to throw at him, which opened up opportunities for other players. Like Luka Vujnovic, who had an outstanding day on defense. 3 picks and one for TD. We have work to do, but we are heading in the right direction!" says Orlando Webb.

Whether it was passing or running - Panthers couldn't stop the Dukes. On one side we had TDEU Approved Athlete, Orlando Webb, going against Louis Corum - nephew of Sean Embree - TDEU Approved coach. However, even with Corum, Panthers defense couldn't do anything against the Dukes offense. On the other hand - Dukes defense did everything they were supposed to, and stopped Willie Shierd and Panthers offense easily.

Photo: Ivo Puljizevic
"I am very excited about this team. We are fortunate to have a very special group. There has been a fast growing comrodery which makes everyone not only teammates but more like brothers. I think it is great that we play very well at all three phases of the game. This is very important to be sucessful here in the near future. Offense, defense and special teams collectively will be the key to us winning every game this season. Go Dukes!" - says Terry Washington.

Panthers camp is struggling with injuries and there are still things that need to be worked on. Louis Corum said: "It wasn't our day. We still need to click as a team, especially mentally. Dukes played great, and were a tough opponent for us. This is still just the beginning of the season and there's a long way ahead of us to practice and work to correct the mistakes we were making"

7:0 Demetrius Sumler 1 yd run, Ivan Radojevic PAT
14:0 Rastko Jokic 25 yd pass - Orlando Webb, Ivan Radojevic PAT
21:0 Demetrius Sumler 35 yd run, Ivan Radojevic PAT
28:0 Rastko Jokic 10 yd pass - Andrej Puskas, Ivan Radojevic PAT
35:0 Luka Vujnovic interception - 20 yd, Ivan Radojevic PAT
42:0 Rastko Jokic 8 yd pass - Orlando Webb
48:0 Rastko Jokic 8 yd pass - Orlando Webb, Ivan Radojevic PAT
55:0 Demetrius Sumler 1 yd run, Ivan Radojevic PAT
58:0 Ivan Radojevic 35 yd FG
58:7 Willie Shied 10 yd pass - Zoran Todorovic, Nemanja Zubovic PAT
65:7 Miroslav Stankic 55 yd run, Ivan Radojevic PAT