Serbia: Belgrade Vukovi Win In Novi Sad [Highlights]

Photo: Milos Rafailovic Raf
The most anticipated game in Week 3 was definitely Novi Sad Dukes vs Belgrade Vukovi.

Both teams were undefeated, however Vukovi managed to take the W. In the first half Dukes even took the lead by 1 pt, but Vukovi made an easy comeback where the final score was 14:34 (0:6, 14:15, 0:6, 0:7).

Unlike the first two games Dukes had - where the team came in and did what was needed to be done, this time around team wasn't clicking. This loss pushed Dukes from #1 spot to #3.

"Belgrade played a really good game and I'd like to say congratulations to them first. Yesterdays game was an eye opener for us. We did a lot of good things I believe, but we made a lot of mental mistakes and errors. We where not beaten physically but they out witted us. They were not better physically but they where better prepared. If we should happen to meet up again we will be in a better mind set and definitely prepared and focused." says Terry Washington, Dukes DB/RB who scored one of the 2 TDs.

This was the first time for Vukovi to play in Novi Sad after a span of 4 seasons. After the loss in Slovenia, where the Silverhawks Ljubljana managed to win with no imports, Vukovi had a week to prepare for Novi Sad. 

"Good game by all phases of the team, good way to get back to winning, and now its on to the next one!" says Vukovi HC Kirk Mastromatteo.