CEFL: Wild Boars Beat The Vukovi 1st Time In 3 Years

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Central European Football League is getting more interesting this year. After a close game in the domestic Serbian league, the Wild Boars made a comeback in CEFL and managed to win against the Vukovi, first time after 3 years.
The two teams have 1 TDEU Hall of Famer per team - Wild Boars HC, Richard Bonds, got TDEU Approved, as well as Vukovi WR, Tony Washington.

Kragujevac Wild Boars  – SBB Vukovi Beograd 30:24 (16:6, 0:6, 0:0, 14:12)

Wild Boars Head Coach Richard Bonds talks about the game: 
"Again this was a physical game. We got out to a good start but stalled and settled for the first score which was a field goal! We kicked off to them and had a breakdown on coverage and Tony Washington made us pay for the mistakes. They went for two and failed. 

Coach Bonds. Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
We got a good return again on the second possession from Ken Hale this time scoring in the red zone from running the ball. We held the lead for the entire game. but Vukovi came within 6 pts the 3rd quarter. Defense had held them to zero the 4th with two and stops a INT. It was back and forth and the weather and slippery surface did not help!"

2 weeks before this game, Wild Boars lost in the last 4 seconds of the game - their FG got blocked by Vukovi and they lost by 1pt.

"The difference in this game from the last game was the confidence level and the level of play from our QB which using his legs to extend plays added another dimension to our offense. Our kicking game minus one block made a huge difference. The offense was better. The defense could have played much better, and special teams has produced as always." says coach Bonds.

Vukovi camp is back to work preparing for their next game, however, we managed to catch up with Mario Lugonja who said that the mistakes they made stopped his team from winning. "Wild Boars really played well. They made no mistakes and they all gave their maximum. We didn't have a solution for them. Our offense didn't know how to get to the endzone, although we were only 2 yards in front of it. Without focus and discipline you just can't play a game. This was a very big game, and this isn't how champions are supposed to play. That's exactly why we didn't bring the W home.

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
It's interesting to mention that after the game, Vukovi HC Kirk Mastromatteo, came over to the Wild Boars, pulled his hat down and congratulated them on such focus and discipline.

Next weekend, in the Week 4 of the domestic league, Wild Boars will host the Novi Sad Dukes. Coach Bonds says his team is as focused as they were while preparing for the Vukovi. "The next game against the Dukes is just as important, and I have made it clear to the team. This is again a Trap game, where a team come off a big win and the next week they are flat and the Dukes had two weeks to prepare. They are a strong running team and we have to limit their carries on defense and let the offense do their thing. They are pretty good on defense, so we have to have a balanced game plan and a solid week of practice to get through this game. So we will prepare just as hard as we did last week. But again this game maybe closer than most think!"