GFL: Adler Undefeated - Second Game, Second Win

On Sunday the Berlin Adler manifested their lead in the German Football League (GFL) North Division with an impressive 42:22 win (14:9; 14:0; 7:6; 7:7) against the Düsseldorf Panther. Offensively the team from the German capitol scored 40+ points for the second game in a row.

„Düsseldorf was the tough opponent as expected. The Panther challenged us until the final minutes. That pressure led to some critical mistakes“, said Adler Head Coach Kim Kuci after the game.

The Adler Offense was playing “sound football“. Quarterback Darius Outlaw scored 3 Touchdowns, 2 passing and 1 rushing – one interception as well. Two more rushing Touchdowns by Björn Dreier and Newcomer Johannes Thiel, plus a Conrad Meadows 65 Yard Punt-Return completed an variable Adler attack. Defensively DB Kevin Kus excelled with 2 Interceptions.

Right from the start Adler QB Darius Outlaw was running all over the Panther. He shocked Düsseldorf with a 60 yd TD-run at the he beginning of the first half. The following offensive drive he found Yves Dollinger in the endzone. The Adler led early with 14:0 and never lost their lead until the game was over.

Thanks to their dominant run plays with Dontrel Chance as the ball carrier, the Panther never lost too much ground. Wide Receiver/Kicker/Punter Danny Lange felt like being the busiest Panther player. He made a 31 Yard Field Goal and 1 PAT, two more PAT tries were blocked”.

„Both new players, Glenn MacKay und Talib Wise, were able to make some plays“, said Kim Kuci. „We’re heading in the right direction, but still have some work to do, if we want to succeed against Europe’s Elite.“

00:07 60yd Rushing TD Outlaw, PAT Anderson
00:14 2yd Passing TD Outlaw to Dollinger, PAT Anderson
03:14 31yd FG Lange
09:14 59yd Rushing TD Chance, PAT blocked
09:21 65yd Punt-Return TD Meadows, PAT Anderson
09:28 31yd Passing TD Outlaw to Meadows, PAT Anderson
15:28 3yd Rushing TD Chance, PAT blocked
15:35 9yd Rushing TD Dreier, PAT Anderson
15:42 15yd Rushing TD Thiel, PAT Anderson
22:42 97yd Kickoff-Return TD Chance, PAT Lange

Bjorn Hesse