CEFL: Ljubljana Silverhawks Did Not Surrender In The 2nd Half

Photo: Boris Goricki 
After very bad second quarter when Kragujevac scored four TDs, Ljubljana managed to come back to the game, but failed to lead ever since.

Result of the game: Ljubljana Silverhawks – Kragujevac Wild Boars: 33 – 40 (0-3, 7-27, 13-0, 13-10)

Honorary guest of the game was Goran Dragić, successful NBA playmaker, who was welcomed to the Silverhawks family by getting a game-jersey of his own with No.1 on his chest and back. He made a coin toss to begin the game.

Kragujevac started the game better, since their first drive ended with a FG and second with a TD. Silverhawks delivered the only points on the scoreboard as Kenric McNeal passed to Matic Tomše for a TD to reduce the score to 7-9. But Wild Boars took advantage of blurry Silverhawks defence and went on a break with 23 point lead.

In the second half the Silverhawks rise up to do their job. Good work from the special teams was transferred to offense, as Gregor Črepnšek run half of the field for TD and as Kenric McNeal delivered accurate passes to Matic Tomše. Silverhawks defence forced Wild Boars to punt several times.

In the fourth quarter Wild Boars managed to score FG for 20-33, while Gregor Črepinšek run for TD and reduced for 27-33. For a moment Silverhawks defence showed a weakness that was Whitaker took advantage of as he ran for a TD for 27-40. At the end Silverhawks did not surrender as Kenric McNeal combined a couple of passes to several targets bringing the offense in front of Kragujevac end zone. Gregor Črepinšek scored his third TD and finalized the score at 33-40.

The defeat put Silverhawks into tough situation, since they need two victories on the road to get into the CEFL finals. Already on Sunday, 1.6.2014 they will face Beograd Vukovi.

Andrej Sadl