GFL: Rainy Battle At Heinz Field

Photo: Birgit Krauch
Berlin Adler had to face their first loss of the GFL season against the Dresden Monarchs.
The game between last year’s GFL vice champions from Dresden and the undefeated GFL North leader from Berlin was full of excitement. Dark clouds at the horizon were no good omen for the guest team from the German capital.
Deed, forever and always Trevar Deed. Four Touchdowns from Dresden’s Running Back led the way to a 26:21 Monarchs win. At Heinz Field 1.800 spectators got to see trick plays from both sides, big plays and flash flood rain fall during most of the game.
In their opening drive the Monarchs brought points on the scoreboard. After marching 70 yards over the field, Dresden QB Jeff Welsh threw a screen to WR Jan Hilgenfeldt, who himself threw a forward-pass to Trevar Deed in the endzone. Three more Rushing Touchdowns from Deed, two for more than 30 yards each, should follow.
The Adler Offense had a hard time finding a rhythm. After trailing 13:0 they caught fire in the second quarter. After a bad Dresden punt the Adler received the ball 15 yards away from the endzone. Quarterback Darius Outlaw threw a quick Touchdown pass to WR Daniel Vöhringer. Despite the hard rain Berlin established their excellent passing game. Several big plays of Berlin’s #4 Conrad Meadows brought the guests in front 13:14 at halftime.
Photo: Birgit Krauch
Deja-vu in the second half: The Adler Offense didn’t click and made unnecessary mistakes. A key play in the third quarter: LB Mario Nowak is blitzing over the right side, missing Monarchs QB Jeff Welsh, handoff to Deed, and Dresden’s ballcarrier is running untouched 38 yards into the Endzone to go ahead 20:14.
With 4 minutes to play Berlin came back with a Björn Dreier Touchdown run to close the gap to 26:21. Everything seemed possible for the Adler. With seven running plays to Monarchs could take away important seconds from the play clock. Nonetheless the Adler Defense could stop the Monarchs and with 40 seconds left to play Darius Outlaw got the ball in his hands. Starting from their own 8 Yard Line a trick play should lead to victory: Sidepass to Conrad Meadows, the Wide Receiver catches the ball, runs a few yards and throws… Flag: Illegal Forward Pas, Meadows had crossed the line of scrimmage. The last two passes were incomplete and so the wet Hauptstadt footballer were left standing in the rain/
Kim Kuci (Adler Head Coach) said: "We played a good game and never gave up. We had our chances to score. We can compete with the Best, don’t forget that Dresden is the vice champion."

"In the second quarter we were on fire! But often times our Offense had to watch from the sideline. Hat off to the Dresden coaches for keeping us from the field and controlling the clock. Today the football gods weren’t on our side. Without the rain, this would have been a complete different game.", added Darius Outlaw (Adler QB).

"This was an important game, I mean the Adler came here undefeated. We needed that win for our preparation for the BIG6-game in Vienna. Berlin is definitely a candidate for the German Bowl. Darius Outlaw was phenomenal in the second quarter! Our man coverage was tight and nonetheless his passing game was very good.", said John Leijten (Monarchs Head Coach)

1. Quarter
06:00 15yd TD-Pass Hilgenfeldt auf Deed, PAT no good

2. Quarter
13:00 2yd TD-Lauf Deed, PAT Hilgenfeldt
13:07 15yd TD-Pass Outlaw auf Vöhringer, PAT Andersen
13:14 14yd TD-Pass Outlaw auf Meadows, PAT Andersen

3. Quarter
20:14 38yd TD-Lauf Deed, PAT Hilgenfeldt
4. Quarter

26:14 31yd TD-Lauf Deed, 2PtConv no good
26:21 3yd TD-Lauf Dreier, PAT Andersen

Bjorn Hesse