EuroBowl: Berlin Adler Wins The Championship

In front of 2.368 people at Berlin’s Jahn-Stadium the Berlin Adler won Eurobowl XXVIII in a close 20:17 victory against the New Yorker Lions and were crowned the first BIG6 champion. 

The new Adler team under Head Coach Kim Kuci celebrated its first title in 2014 and its second Eurobowl championship after 2010. At more than 30 degrees Celsius both teams delivered a hot fight. Until halftime the game was completely open with no winner in sight.

In the first quarter both teams exchanged a touchdown and field goals. Adler Wide Receiver Danilo Naranjo Gonzalez brought the Adler in front 7:0 after an 8 yard pass from Darius Outlaw, the game MVP. But the following drive Braunschweig countered with a 27 yard Touchdown score from QB James Peterson to French WR Anthony Dablé. In the second quarter Berlin controlled the game clock. Being in possession of the ball for more than 8 minutes, Braunschweig’s Offense hardly had any chance to operate. Both kickers delivered field goals to excel the raise to 10:10 at haftime.

With the beginning of the second half the momentum shifted to the Adler-side, thanks to many Defensive plays. After a fumbled snap from QB Peterson Berlin’s Talib Wise recovered the ball and 6 plays later ran into the endzone for a 2 yard Touchdown. During that drive Conrad Meadows, the leading Adler receiver with 5 catches for 58 yards, made a 40 yard big play. Braunschweig’s Anthony Dablé hauled in 3 passes for 62 yards in the BIG6 Final.

The next Lions offensive drive was stopped by DB Sebastian Karl, who caught an interception in the endzone. Even though Braunschweig generated more total yards (291 yards vs 224 yards from Berlin), they were unable to score points like they usually did. Too often the reigning German Champion killed himself with penalties (7 for 58 yards).

In the last quarter the Adler extended the lead to two scores with a 43 yard field goal from Phillip Andersen. With 4 minutes to play momentum seemed to shift once more when Lions Wide Receiver Anthony Dablé scored a 32 yard touchdown and DB Christian Petersen intercepted Berlin’s Quarterback – Darius Outlaw’s only major mistake that day. But in crunchtime the Adler Defense wouldn’t allow another first down and brought the Eurobowl title home.

Game Quotes:

Troy Tomlin, Head Coach New Yorker Lions:

James Peterson played a very good game today, made really good throws. Our receivers should have done more. We didn’t make enough plays, when we had the chance. The Adler fought very hard. Hats off to the Adler, who deserved the win today.

Kim Kuci, Head Coach Berlin Adler:

This was a lot of hard work today, especially at 31 degrees celcius – on the field it felt like 100 degrees celcius. It was tought, but our guys never gave up. There were 2-3 turning points in the game, where it could have shifted the other way. But I think that especially in those moments, we put in more effort and wanted it more. Especially our defense made the difference today with that turnover and the fumble recovery at the beginning of the second half. 

Darius Outlaw, Quarterback Berlin Adler, Game MVP:

It is the most happy day of my life. I’m speechless and uber-happy. I couldn’t believe, they chose me for MVP. Usually with a game like this it’s a team effort. Okay, I won the trophy, I take it, but I also have to give it to my teammates, with out them I couldn’t have done it… The heat was a factor, but I’m a sun child and used to that.


1. Quarter 
00:07 Berlin 8 yd TD-Pass Outlaw to Gonzalez, PAT Andersen 
07:07 Braunschweig 27 yd TD-Pass Peterson to Dablé, PAT Goebel 
2. Quarter 
07:10 Berlin 28 yd FG Andersen 
10:10 Braunschweig 38 yd FG Goebel 
3. Quarter 
10:17 Berlin 2 yd TD-Run Wise, PAT Andersen 
4. Quarter 
10:20 Berlin 43 yd FG Andersen 
17:20 Braunschweig 32 yd TD-Pass Peterson to Dablé, PAT Goebel