In The Trenches: National Team Coach

Photo: Dorthe Kock
Daniel Gammelgaard - National Team Coach

...Or something like that. This July I got a great chance, and I decided to go with it. I became assistant OL Coach at the Danish national team U16 2014 development camp. I got to work with some great, experienced coaches and a lot of young talented players.

The actual OL Coach was Coach P from Aarhus Tigers. He is the OL Coach and assistant HC for their National League and 2nd division teams. Working with him I learned a lot. He was great at seeing what a player did wrong, and knew exactly how to correct the mistales. He also refereed me to Alex Gibbs, some great websites, and apparently the best movie ever (according to Coach P anyways) - Topgun!

At OC and QB Coach was Coach Rammsgaard, who is excactly that for my team - Kolding Guardians U19. He is a great guy who basically lives in the R4. Even though I kinda was at the bottom of the staff, Coach Rammsgaard's assistant had an assistant!

HC was Coach Hansen from Søllerød Golddiggers. I've played for him at some U19 national team camps. Last January he was lecturing at the DAFF Intro Coaching Course which I attended. I definitely look forward to work with him again.

There were many other great coaches, and it was a huge pleasure and a great honor to work with them. I made friendships, established connections, learned a lot and had a great time with them.

Two players from Kolding Guardians U16 attended the camp. A QB and a DB. The QB is our team captain and also plays DL in Kolding. He was one of the best QBs, athletes, and leaders at the camp. The DB was awarded with "Defensive Back of the day" at the first day. I'm very proud of both of them.

The 9 Offensive Linemen that Coach P and I worked with were all great boys. They all had their struggles, but in the end we accomplished what we wanted with them and they said they had a great time. Without talking to each other about it before the last day of camp, Coach P and I had the exact same starting five in mind.

Getting up at 06:20 and going to bed after 23:00 every day with very little free time for half a week was tough. But god I loved every minute of it!

After getting injured again in April I've chosen to focus more on coaching. I'll still be playing and the national team is still a goal of mine, but in the long run I'll probably be more of a coach, than a player.

Completely unrelated - I just moved to Kolding. Instead of living 34 km away from our field, I now live 2 km away.

Daniel 'GG Watt' Gammelgaard