Brazil: Coach Levy Signs McCrea

Photo: Dariusz Jacek
We already wrote about McCrea signing with his old team Helsinki 69ers after wrapping up a very successful season with the Seahawks Gdynia. 

Season in Finland will be done soon, and McCrea is ready for his 3rd team within one year. 

Hall of Fame coach Daniel Levy recognized what McCrea can bring to the table and decided to sign him. 

"I've played and coached a lot of football, and Charles McCrea is one of the most dynamic players I've ever seen. His speed and elusiveness is truly special, as is his intelligence and dedication to the game. We have put a lot of time and energy into deciding which import would be the best fit for our program, and Charles fits the bill in every way. 

His athleticism, leadership, and versatility--his ability to line up at any position and have an instant impact--this is exactly what we are looking for to put us over the top of the competition. His resume in Europe speaks for itself as he wins championships just about everywhere he goes, and we hope he can do the same thing here in Brazil. In short, we couldn't be more excited about bringing Charles to Vila Velha." says coach Levy.

McCrea is very excited as well: "I always wanted to play in Brazil and when you have someone like Coach Levy... It was a no brainer. Coach Levy is someone who I have the upmost respect for, and I am ready to go."