Ireland: The Extra Point Podcast - Shamrock Bowl XXVIII

Its finally here, after the hard fought battles from all the teams in the IAFL, the IAFA Shamrock Bowl XXVIII at Tallaght Stadium featuring the giants of the game in Ireland, The Belfast Trojans and Trinity College Dublin. 

In a tough, tentative game, hampered by torrential rain, thunder and lightening, the only thing that matched the weather was the match itself! 

Join Russell Dalton, Greg Barrett, Steve Bolger and introducing's Steve McDonnell in the commentary box as they called the match, both on the radio and in the Stadium. 

A thrilling day was had by all and congratulations to the IAFA on an amazingly run show-piece of the Irish American Football season. Also thank you for letting the OpenTempo Sports Crew play such a big part of it!